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Darryl Heap


In 2009, Third Generation Cheesemaker Darryl Heap of Vintage Cheese of Montana in Bozeman, Montana, dedicated himeself to making Mountina, an American Original Artisan Cheese inspired by the small artisan creameries making real mountain cheeses in the European Alps.

With a sweet nutty flavor, a mild washed rind, and a thin wax coat that breathes, you get the cheese the way it leaves the Creamery, the way it is meant to be, lovingly tended by masterful hands.

Award Photos

Mountina Mocha - Winner of the 2012 ACS Awards

August 4, 2012

American Cheese Society Award

Marcella the Cheese Monger

Mountina-Original and Mountina-Mocha both have been reviewed by Marcella, The Cheese Monger. (here)

This review is also followed by recipe (here)

February 3, 2013

Marcella the Cheese Monger



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